Tuesday, November 11, 2008

well, I tried.

Here is today's journal entry.  It's a copy of the Italian master, Canaletto.  All the shading was done with diagonal lines.  The closer together the lines, the darker the values.  This one is of my house.  You can see the frustrating ink spill--SPLAT--that I managed just as I was nearly done.  RATS.  This technique takes time and patience-I gave it neither-ha.  Maybe this isn't the technique for me.

This is yesterday's journal project.  It's my first attempt at watercolor pencils.  I haven't gotten the hang of it yet!!

Here is Braeden perusing a drawing book, looking for the perfect subject... funny that his face is tilted the same as the painting of it above...hmm.

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Ruthie said...

so happy you posted!
love all the experimenting you are doing. that is GREAT..
Loved it!!!!!