Wednesday, November 12, 2008

art today!

First, is one of a set of 12 picture frames that I started years ago and never finished.  I have July through December painted, but even those lacked the black around the edges.  So, I dug those out to finish.  Here is "July."

Next, is my "Illustration Friday" for the theme, WISE.  Ruth suggested we try it.  It's a blog where you enter artwork that matches the theme that is announced each Friday.  This post isn't my official entry post because I haven't figured out how to scan it into the computer yet, but I thought I'd unofficially post it since I did it today and I like it.

Here is my journal entry today.  It says, "Years of patience, discipline, and effort are the price of access to a strict and personal vision.  An artist is not born but made."  A quote from Jean Max Taxier.  The exercise was a good one for me because I don't like still life.  I set a mug on the table with a strong light on it.  After drawing it with colored pencils, I filled it with coffee and drank it.  :)

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