Monday, December 1, 2008

straight talk

Here it is.  I'm just too lazy to take pics and blog lately.  I've still been scribbling away, but posting has been neglected.  But guess what????  Sara and her new hubby are both keeping an art journal now, and Sara neeeeeeds to let me post the awesome oil paintings she has completed and the really great pencil sketch of her perfectly cute nephew!

I've completed some journal pages not really worth catching up on...just some playing around with oil pastels and color.  But here are some highlights to bring you up to speed....Out of the two balloon drawings, which do you like better?  The Illustration Friday theme this week is "balloon."


Ruthie said...

I wish i could look at them bigger!
i like both balloons.. the bottom one made me i would choose that one :)
sara needs to start an art blog for sure!!!
cant wait to see more.. how hard can it be? just use your laptop to snap a photo . .drag it to your desktop and poof.. a picture on the blog :)
great post..
my balloon picture is no where as both ideas


Josha said...

I wonder why these pics don't enlarge as usual?